Product Description

Finishing smoother lightened with finest mineral expanded fillers, with an internal micro-porous structure that confer an excellent lightness and thermal-insulating properties to the product. The right grain size selection, the micro fibre-reinforced matrix and the use of specific additives guarantee a high workability during the application and an excellent adhesion on supports.

  • Thermal properties and high vapour permeability.
  • Natural raw materials, harmless for the environment and for human health.
  • Smoother  fibre-reinforced with natural non toxic and eco-friendly micro-fibres.
  • It avoids mould formations thanks to the anti-bacterial properties of the lime.

YIELD: 1.2 kg/m² (at 1mm thickness)

DRYING TIME: 7d (at 20°C/68°F and 40% relative humidity. )

Available in a 25 kg bag.

Aspect: Powder

Components: One-component

Thermal conductivity: λ=0.128 W/mK (category T2)

Breathability: µ ≤ 15.

Fire reaction: class A1

Compressive strength: at 28 days  ≤ 15 (Class R2)


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