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Insulate and protect your home with cork
the long-lasting, cost-effective decorative finish.

Insulate and protect
your home with cork
the long-lasting, cost-effective
decorative finish.



Save Energy

Composed of a honeycomb of impermeable cells filled with gas (cork is 89% air by volume) cork is nature’s insulation against heat, cold and sound. Cork has a low thermal conductivity - on par with fiberglass - and absorbs up to 18 decibels of sound for a quiet, energy-efficient home.

Protect Your Home and Family

Cork is suffused with suberin - a waxy, rubbery substance that repels water, providing natural moisture resistance. Cork protects your home from wind-driven rain and high-humidity decay while allowing walls to breathe, protecting your family from the effects of mould and mildew.

Fire Resistance, Evolved

Suberin is an evolutionary response to forest fires: while other trees burn, cork trees stand their ground. Spray cork provides Class B fire protection. When exposed to extreme heat and fire, cork burns without a flame, and does not emit toxic gasses.

Long Lasting

Cork is elastic and compressible - the only naturally occurring solid that can be compressed on one side without expanding on the other - which provides natural resistance to impact and abrasion. Unlike stucco, cork siding won’t crack, so it’s ideal for new home builds where settling may occur, and construction in zones subsceptible to sinking or earthquakes. Get a 10-Year Warranty when applied by a Spray Cork Alberta approved applicator.

Cost-Effective Application

Cork coatings can be applied with a spray gun (or trowel) making it a labor-friendly choice for all applications, from sealing foundation walls to complete wall coverings. Spray cork adheres to concrete and wood-frame buildings, over practically any substrate, and dries in 10 hours.


Harvested from cork trees in southern Europe and North Africa, cork a sustainable, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable resource, and a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Green Building material.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Spray cork is available in a wide variety of colors. Unlike stucco, which fades 8-10% per year, UV-resistant cork fades about 1% per year. In addition, cork has a soft, flexible texture making it pleasing to touch, and takes decorative effects.

Cork Spray Installation for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers

For new construction, cork spray is less expensive to install than stucco, and saves energy costs in the long run. It’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to renovate your home. Find out how little it costs to insulate and protect your building with a sprayed cork application by a Certified Technician.